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Support your employees in solving emotional, logistical, and social challenges related with their return to work

Get familiar with our training program for employees returning to work from maternity, paternity or sick-leave.

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Support your managers with training and best practices on how to effectively manage extended leaves and support their team members in fast reintegration and ramp up.

Get familiar with our training offer for leaders managing returning employees.

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Give your employees tools and support to solve emotional, logistical, and social challenges related with their return to work

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I’m a 10 year employee (…) and recently back from my second maternity leave. I just wanted to let you and your team know how valuable this workshop was and to say thank you for making it available to all employees in the company. I found the practical workbook exercises to be extremely useful and I can’t underscore enough how powerful it is to have a space to share a common experience with others. Simply voicing these feelings loosens the grip they can have on us and there is comfort in knowing we’re not alone.

(…) I really wanted to send encouragement to continue to develop programs like these. In my humble opinion these programs are a critical ingredient in making our company an exceptional place to work.

Chelsea, returned from maternity leave

Thank you SO much for the workshop on Tuesday, it was very helpful, I loved that you both approached the emotional side (very very needed) and also focused on action, moving us seamlessly from a big, overwhelming picture to small very achievable changes. I think this is the best help I could get!

Laura, returned from maternity leave

Agata & Kasia were great presenters. They have lots of good and inspiring stories to share and both were able to keep a good dialog going with the group. Thank you!

Rodney, father coming back to work from paternity

I thought the facilitators did a great job. The content was excellent and well presented. Well paced. Adequate time for discussion and sharing. Good real-life examples were shared from previous workshops. Participants in my group were terrific. We happened to all be females, which was nice because I think we were able to share more openly in some cases. Having men in the group would’ve been interesting and offered another perspective I’m sure. It really takes one person to be brutally honest, maybe even shed a few tears, for the entire group to feel they can let their guard down.

Linda, coming back to work from maternity

Thank you again for this initiative. It really gives the impression that the company is concerned about the returners’ experience and allows us to be set up for our future at the company in the best conditions

Tom, coming back to work from extended sick leave

Thank you for taking the time. I think these sessions are very beneficial! The role play exercises were relevant and powerful. They really resonated with me. I will be using the communication model going forward and look forward to supporting the two members of my team coming back from mat leave.

Jason, Team Lead