Working parents 2.0 – Webinar

How to balance work and family during COVID-19


During this 60 min-long interactive webinar participating employees (parents) will come up with a simple actionable plan for themselves on how to stay an involved, present parent and get things done at work, while working from home with kids. They will also get a lot of useful tips that they can implement instantly to become more focused and productive at work. By running this webinar in your company you are showing to your employees that you understand and care about their personal challenges and well-being.


  • Get to know tips and tricks for how to effectively organize their work routine at home

  • Get ideas to keep kids busy while they are working

  • Become smarter with household organization

  • Increase their focus and productivity at work


PRIZE: $600 (incl. VAT)

By investing in this webinar you’ll get these additional benefits:

  • Promote mental and physical wellbeing

  • Experience & best practice sharing among your employees

  • Interactive activities for participants

  • Dedicated Q&A session

  • Post-session materials & resources

  • Access to webinar recording after the session

In a single session we can have as much as 100 employees participating.

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