Help your returning employees with fast ramp-up

Some people say that coming back to work from leave is like starting a new job. While it does take time to ramp up, there is a lot you can do as a manager to help your employee with their fast reintegration.


Consider our top 5 tips on how you can support your returning team members.

  1. Send welcome email to let the team know that the person is back and make them feel welcomed. Briefly summarize their responsibilities as well as how they can contribute to the team, by stating their key skills and achievements.
  2. Give frequent constructive feedback – both appreciation & developmental, so they can raise their confidence, focus on priorities and ramp up faster.
  3. Assign them a buddy, a person that can help answer their questions and put in touch with key people during first weeks.
  4. Be ready to adapt your management style. If a person is very stressed and anxious it may make sense to have a bit more directive & supportive style and give work with short deadlines at the beginning, so they can gain confidence.
  5. Offer an option of phased return. You may expect certain hiccups in the first weeks after your team member is back. They are usually connected with the person ramping up, health issues or baby sickness. To minimize impact it might be useful to offer an option of part-time setting at the beginning or encourage your employees to use their vacation days on a given days in a week or month, so they can more gradually return to work.