Your return to work checklist

There are 3 key elements that will help you with your fast ramp up after you’re back: setting expectations, knowing your priorities, refreshing your knowledge & skills.

Go through the checklist below to see how well you are doing on these components.


Setting expectations with your manager

  • Discuss what flexibility you need and how you can make it work given the needs of the business and your team

  • Agree on flexibility arrangement

  • Agree on mutual expectations towards the amount of travel involved

  • Talk what is your plan for when your child gets sick (for parents only)

  • Get clarity on the exact scope of your role: responsibilities, projects, KPIs

  • Discuss business needs & priorities of your team and organization

  • Communicate how the success looks like from your perspective and ask how it looks from manager’s and team’s perspective

  • Together create a ramp up plan. Agree time & support that you need. I.e. define together with your manager 2-3 manageable goals for the first 3 months

  • You’ve got to know your rights & obligations with regard to your leave and you familiarized yourself with relevant company policies 


If you are coming back from extended sick leave, you may consider  a couple of additional points:

  • You are prepared for how you would want to answer questions about your absence to your manager and colleagues

  • Discuss job accommodations that are needed for you to return to work

  • Prepare job accommodation agreement in writing and get it signed

  • Inform your manager what to do if you become unwell at work and who to contact if necessary

  • Discuss how and when your manager will keep in touch with you if you are absent from work because of illness or disability related reason


Getting clarity on your top priorities

  • Decide on 2-3 people who could help you the most with your fast ramp up. Schedule meetings with them.

  • Schedule meetings with key stakeholders & clients. Consider asking the following questions:

    • What were top 3 things that changed over the last X months / X years that happened in the way we do business that I should be aware of?
    • What are your and your team most important goals?
    • What are your challenges?
    • How could I or my team help you?
    • How do you see my priorities? What I should be focusing on in the first place?
  • Make sure you understand the current structure of your organization

  • Make sure you understand key business priorities and KPI’s


Refresh your business knowledge and skills

  • Sign up for trainings and online classes (if applicable)

  • Get yourself a role-related and return-related buddy or a mentor

  • Shadow work of your colleagues or important stakeholders (if needed)

  • Find 15-30 mins per week to socialize with colleagues (coffee, lunch, etc.)