Top 10 things to make your home routine easier

Your return to work is a transition happening for everybody in the household


Having you home is always very helpful & convenient to the people you live with.

Usually you are becoming the one who takes care of most of household duties and logistics. Once you decide to come back to work this convenient situation changes and therefore may lead to some conflicts. How to prepare yourself and your family for your return to work?

Here is our list of top 10 things that would make your life easier after you’re back.

  1. Make a list of people  in your private network, who can help you with childcare
  2. Choose childcare solution that you can trust and that is convenient in terms of logistics (for example not far away from your home)
  3. Discuss with your partner the details of childcare logistics, such as: kids drop off and pick up
  4. Have a plan & backup person for when your child is sick, especially if you have your kids in daycare.
    • plan who & when will have more flexibility or bandwidth to stay home with a sick child
    • consider to still hire a nanny for 50% time – if your kids are sick you will have a back-up and if children are healthy you could use her for household duties.
  5. Have a plan for childcare in case of business travels or social events at work
    • you may create a shared calendar with your partner so you do not schedule important business trips or events at the same time
  6. Talk to your partner about your motivation in coming back to work
  7. Talk to your partner about sharing or outsourcing household duties (who does the shopping, if you are hiring someone for cleaning the house etc.).
  8. Consider ways to automate your household duties, such as:
    • investing in Thermomix multicooker to cook faster
    • investing in intellignet vacumm cleaner
    • ordering your shopping online with home delivery
    • hiring a Virtual Assistant to plan your household schedule to deal with household related issues like repairs, late payment, extending cellphone contracts,
    • automating your bills, so you don’t need to remember about them each month (organize direct debits or set the rules in your bank account)
  9. Talk to your partner about your home finances to know if you can afford the part time if needed
  10. Tell your kids that you are coming back to work and together made a plan for how you will make up for the time you are at work, so they feel loved