Understand the value that you bring to the business

After coming back from leave, many returners suffer from lowered self-confidence.


If this is the case for you, you may feel like you don’t belong to the workplace anymore, that you are not providing enough value, that your skills got outdated or that you are not able to do your job well enough under new life circumstances.

The good news is that the feeling you can’t do your job well  is only a perception, which is usually not shared by other people in your environment.

This is what managers often say about returning employees

  • They are great at time management: they know how to choose what is important and focus on priorities, they quickly flag things that do not work and propose improvements.
  • They are very mature: they can easier empathize with their manager and team and understand business needs
  • They are more reliable since they will clearly communicate about their expectations and potential issues that will influence their performance
  • They have fresh perspective after coming back from leave. Being in a different life situation often results in good & valuable suggestions for the team.
  • They are more loyal and less likely to do job hopping.

It is also good to know that in the current economic situation, there is a shortage of skilled labor on the market and companies really need you back. For instance in Europe by 2040 there will be a shortage of 24 mln skilled employees.

Of course since you are coming back to work after longer absence, you will need to work on your ramp up and get up to speed with business knowledge and market changes. However, you are still capable and you possess the skills that determine your success.  You have also developed new important skills, which you may not be able to define on your CV, but which help you be more successful. Skills like empathy, emotional intelligence, maturity, ability to focus on priorities, planning skills as well as time & crisis management.